ECS understands the demanding nature of the Industrial sector and with our extensive product knowledge and broad selection of products, we can provide the value you need to successfully complete projects in manufacturing (including wood & paper, oil & natural gas production, metal, petroleum & coal, chemical plants, machinery, computer & electronics, appliances & components, transportation, automotive, welding equipment & supplies and manufacturing equipment), mining, pump jacks, water wells, irrigation, blasting, paving, trenchers, water treatment plants, forestry, and oilfield equipment. 

From the leading manufacturers in the electrical wire and cable industry, we carry a wide variety of products including Teck, Armoured Instrumentation, SOOW & SJOOW portable power cords, Type G & GGC, Type SHDGC shovel and dragline cables, Type P rig control, signal and power distribution cables, mine power feeder cables, welding cables, DLO, RW90, Electronic 18-2c, Cat5e, Cat6, blasting wire, and TEW. We have the right product for all your project requirements.

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